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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI), occurs when the brain is injured suddenly by external forces. It is one of the leading causes of disabilities and death among adults. 

The term ‘TBI’ is used to describe a wide range of brain injuries. Damage can occur either focally (in a specific region of the brain) or diffusely (in several areas of the brain). Depending on the severity, a brain injury may result in a concussion or coma or even death.

As passionate as we are about bringing you the most cutting-edge technology & techniques in helmet laser scanning, we are fully aware not everyone will be completely exempt from avoiding these debilitating, life changing outcomes.

At The Helmet Doctors, although we have stated many times over, “Prevention is always better than Cure”, for those who do fall victim to TBI’s, we feel we can also assist by enacting our duty of care, providing our customers a “One Stop Shop” of cutting-edge experts in their field of support and rehabilitation.

As a company that has had direct & personal experience with TBI’s, and direct & personal experience learning to live, adjust & accommodate to TBI’s, we feel we have a great level of insight on how valuable it is getting your hands on the right type of information & support.

Although Synapse are also an Australia based company, we feel the support and services can still have global reach through their available online resources.

Understanding Brain Injury