The Helmet Doctors

Helmet Laser Scanning Camera

Compact & Portable Holographic Camera

The Holographic camera is based on photorefractive crystal

  • True holographic recording = high resolution
  • Self-developing = user friendly
  • Reusable  = user friendly

The research efforts allow to miniaturize the whole set-up into a compact portable optical head (with an optical fibre for light transportation from the laser source) that is extremely simple to use.

The camera head dimensions are now comparable to that of a conventional video camera.

Laser Cameras - The Helmet Doctors & Optrion

The Helmet Doctors has spent many years researching and developing various Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques for a specific solution that would allow us to see defects within a helmet that cannot be seen by the naked eye.


This research and development allowed us to acquire a patent approved technology and technique for the use on helmets.

Our solution was to adapt the recent advancements in laser scanning technology from the aeronautical and spatial industry and apply this to a new set of parameters and adjustments for the use on helmets.


It is with great pride and a whole lot of gratitude that we were able to work with the world leaders in this field of aeronautical and spatial industry and formulate a solution for our needs.


Optrion SA and its partners are second to none when it come to ensuring your laser scanning results are of the highest quality in helmet scanning technology and assessment process. It is for this reason The Helmet Doctors felt comfortable to provide our services of Helmet Laser Scanning in your local area. 

The Helmet Doctors Advantages:

  • Very compact system using a portable optical head = allowing mobility of service your local area
  • User-friendly = operations & handling requires a very short period of training
  • High level of lateral & depth resolution = capturing defects as low as 10nm in measurements (virus level in size).
  • Real-time technology = allowing a direct control of operations in progress as helmets can vary in contrast
  • Quick measurements & data processing especially thanks to the use of the photorefractive crystals = quotative & qualitative assessment controls are applied at our centralised assessment centre.
  • Absolutely no contact with helmets tested = Helmets are meeting NDT industry standards.
  • Recording system = allows the use of reusable crystal providing for a consistent, cost-effective process.
  • Attractive price & business model = Future growth & service to your local zone & region.
  • Exclusive global rights, partnership with Optrion SA in the manufacturing and supply of the camera specifically designed and adapted for the helmet industry.

For a better overview and understanding of this technology The Helmet Doctors welcomes you to watch the video below and visit the official website of Optrion at