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About Us

Providing Safer Motorcycle Helmets…

Why?   Because we are able to – give added safety, extra protection, and peace of mind to our customers, industry regulators, and helmet manufacturers the scientific knowledge of whether the helmet is still safe and fit for use, or if it’s now become defective, or compromised with a structural defect.

We do this because…    We save lives. We provide a preventative strategy against unnecessary TBIs and premature death.  We simply empower you with the knowledge & result  of your helmet and educate you about the potential dangers of your helmet’s hidden conditions.

How?   We do this through the use of laser scanning the helmet which sees these invisible defects because lasers can see 100,000x better than our naked eyes.

Who are The Helmet Doctors?

We are a family-based company, passionate about providing advancements in helmet safety to the Motorcycling & Motorsport Community.


We have first-hand experience of the pain & suffering caused by a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and we have also been heavily exposed to many other families who suffered even more than us.


Our story of becoming The Helmet Doctors started from our involvement in Motocross, and our research and development began soon after our son was hospitalized after his accident at the local Motocross track.


To learn more, please click Our Story tab on the main menu bar of this website. This will give you a detailed overview of when and how we became so passionate about helmet safety and why we became, The Helmet Doctors.



In summary: our journey has resulted in The Helmet Doctors providing a patented approved & scientifically proven laser scanning service that will read, record, measure, and identify the structural integrity of your motorcycle helmet through the use of advanced laser technologies.


The Helmet Doctors provide the safety service of a Helmet Safety Check, called a “HIC” from our Helmet Integrity Check page, producing:

“Safer Helmets & Saving Lives”.


Our service prevents our customers & their loved ones from the devastating emotional & financial effects of preventable TBIs & premature death.

Our Helmet Laser Scanning Service: 

It’s a “No Brainer”


Our Services

Company Overview

After many years of Research & Development, collaborations with the world’s leaders in Non-Destructive Testing facilities specifically designed for the Aeronautical & Spatial Industry, and with the support of two major universities on opposite sides of the globe, we have now extensive first-hand knowledge & experience of providing & implementing the scientifically proven laser scanning technology & technique of Holographic Interferometry.

This technology & technique have been specifically designed, purposely adapted & patent approved, for the specific use of detecting structural defects in motorcycle and motorsport helmets caused by impacts.

The quality of our helmet laser scanning cameras & components have been supported, substantiated or attested by:



Our drive & passion for these cameras to improve helmet safety, and reduce preventable TBIs & premature deaths has been supported, aided, or guided by:


Our service consists of each and every helmet being laser scanned to 9 different surface points on the helmet. 

This purposely & deliberate overlapping of multiple sights of each area of the helmet gives The Helmet Doctors the quality control we are double checking each point from various angles. 

This also allows The Helmet Doctors to not only physically measure, read & record the invisible defects of the outer shell but also allows us to see the impact damage caused to the EPS foam.

The Problem

The Solution

Our solution is a high-resolution camera combining the principles of holographic interferometry and photorefractive crystals.

This simply means:

Our Solution – consists of providing innovative advancements, and scientifically proven laser scanning technology that will Identify, Read, Record & Measure Deformations caused by impacts on  Motorcycle & Motorsport Helmets.

Our Solution – remain the Industry leader in helmet laser scanning, providing the most cutting-edge technology and techniques. 

To continuously collaborate with our supporting partners to provide & Set The Benchmark at the highest level of helmet defect detection within the Non-Destructive Testing industry.

Our Solution – is added safety & protection to Save Lives by reducing the risk of preventable brain injuries (TBIs) & premature deaths to Motorcyclists & Motorsport participants around the world.

Our Solution – Provide Peace of Mind & the Knowledge your helmet is safe for continued use, allowing for safer more enjoyable experiences within the Motorcycling & Motorsport Communities.

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