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To ensure the accuracy of our helmet integrity reports and the integrity of our laser scanning equipment, The Helmet Doctors have adopted the steps required to adhere to the industry standards as set by the Non-Destructive Testing Industry as set by the Aeronautical & Spatial Industry for during & after our scanning procedures.

The Helmet Doctors have also adopted a centralised assessment processing centre ensuring the quality and control standards of all our acquisition assessments are monitored & executed to the highest standards as set by these industry standards.

Our Field Base Doctors Scanning Helmets - fully trained & accredited to the Highest NDT Procedures:

All Doctors & Scanning Equipment - are subject to meeting the required:


These standards and requirements set by the manufactures of our equipment, and are to ensure our customers at The Helmet Doctors are receiving the highest quality of reporting on the structural integrity of their helmet as our customers helmets are being scanned with the highest level of laser scanning equipment, set by international industry leaders and the Aeronautical and Spatial testing standards.

What NDT International Standards do they need to adhere to?


Optrion is an ISO 9001 certified company. This certification ensures the global quality of procedures and processes of the company, as well as company management from a global point of view. Moreover, good practices from 2 reference documents are integrated into Optrion’s procedures:

Both documents have been defined for the Aerospace sector and satisfy highest requirement levels. Any additional international standards could be added upon request.

As the manufactures and leaders in their field of Shearography & Holographic Interferometry our customers at The Helmet Doctors can be assured their laser scanning results will come with the quality and assurance that is second to none.

In the picture below, you can see how The Helmet Doctors have its laser scanning camera performing our standard Calibration Certificate to ensure & demonstrate our quality and assurance standards are met.


As part of our monthly audit & certified calibration certificate, a member of our team at The Helmet Doctors confirms that all our laser scanning cameras are calibrated in accordance with the NDT Industry Standards as set by the Aeronautical Industry and the standards upheld for verification of their instruments.


This process ensures our customers the confidence and security of knowing that our laser scanning equipment can identify, read, record & measure the structural integrity of their helmets. This simply reassures our customers of the commitment and passion we have for their safety and maintaining The Helmet Doctors stance as industry leaders in our field.