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At The Helmet Doctors, we pride ourselves on our ability & commitment to have your voice heard.

To demonstrate your comments are important to us, we have established the major platforms of social media, allowing us to hear you through your preferred channel of communication.

Your Comments are more than Statements

To ensure your voice is not just a comment or a statement in our social media world, we have created 4 different ways for you to engage with us. This way, you decide on the detail & level of communication that best suits your needs assuring a response time in accordance with our policy standards, our servicing agreements, and your style of communication.

To begin, you will see to the bottom right of the screen, a Blue – Chat Symbol waving hello, and announcing “We Are Here!”.  This is where you are best served when it comes to small quick chats for assistance and communicating Live with The Helmet Doctors, regardless of whether it’s the 1st time or the 50th time. 

This is our “Blue Ribbon Service”, which is always open to anyone wanting to Live Chat about our products or services, navigate our website, process a purchase, or even self-serve your own knowledge about our laser technology and technique via our Knowledge Hub search engine.


This Live Chat is designed to be available 24/7-365, however as you may potentially access this service during peak demands and as this service is accessible world wide, you may at times require some extra patience before our team members can access your Live Chat. 

If you do fall into a busy period, the best way to utilise the Live Chat team is to register your name and email into the Live Chat as this places you at the front of the queue for when the next available team member is able to assist your needs. 

Also, to ensure you are getting the best value out of our service during any waiting period, please make full use of our Self Serve Knowledge Hub. 


Then you will note to the top right of this screen the Business Opportunity tab. This Business Opportunity is an access point for those who would like to find out where the Business Opportunity are already set up and ready to be operating our services in your local area. This Business Opportunity tab is our B2B Priority Line for those interested to find out more.

This Priority Line is designed to register and complete a short form that will establish opening a one-on-one direct line and access to private and sensitive information not accessible to the general public. This designated line for our B2B connections will have a turnaround time of up to 48 hours.

The difference here between our Live Chat and the B2B Priority Line is all who register their interest in becoming a service provider will be answered. 

If you require more than what our Live Chat or our Priority Line has to offer, then we welcome anyone to submit their inquiry in the required fields below:

    Your personal information will be collected, used and stored in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy contains details on how information is used, how you may access/correct information held and our privacy complaints processes.

    The above message field will allow up to 1000 characters or roughly 375 words. This level of communication will allow for up to 16 business days for a turn around reply but once again it is assured all will be replied and in accordance with our policy standards and servicing agreements. 

    This is mainly designed to be addressing formal feedback from our customers in the way of providing formal Compliments or Complaints and allowing our Administration team to investigate and resolve the matter.

    If by chance your needs require a much more formal response, or you simply need to include added documentation, then we would ask you to officially write to our Head Office as per the address below, complete with your email address and we will reply accordingly:

    The Manager
    The Helmet Doctors
    Po Box 1432
    Noosaville Queensland 4566

    At The Helmet Doctors, we encourage everyone’s voice to be heard, regardless of how soft or loud that might be. We firmly believe with the help of more voices being heard, we become a better, more engaging community.