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@ The Helmet Doctors we have always had, and will always have, a “Safety 1st First” policy when it comes to you and your helmets’ integrity. That’s why we have always stated… “it’s best to replace your helmet for a new helmet, the moment you know your helmet has been compromised from an impact or misuse.”

Although we are very much the experts in our field of Non-Destructive Testing the materials & identifying defects in your helmet structural integrity, that is where our services stop.

When it comes to the purchasing or advising on a helmet design or even the latest safety advancements in the various make and models that best suit your needs, The Helmet Doctors strongly advise to speak directly to your local Motorcycle or Motorsport Store.

This is important, to not only ensure you are getting the correct size and fit but also to be educated on what the latest safety features are available within your budget. As we have previously stated, The Helmet Doctors always recommends to buy the very best helmet possible, that meet or exceeds the government & industry safety regulations that you can comfortably afford.

Afterall, we know how this decision can literally be a life-or-death decision.

So, to help you through this process we have put together a list of well known helmet manufacturing brands, placed them in alphabetical order (ensuring no bias was implied) and given you a very brief overview of their humble beginnings. You will also note by clinking on the company name in green, there is a link attached within the company name. This will direct you to their website so you can start to research some of their helmet safety features & their latest advancements in the helmet manufacturing processes.

AIROH–  In 1997, founder Antonio Locatelli, who at the time produced helmet components for several well-known premium European manufacturers, launched his own range of products based on innovation and expertise acquired over a decade. Airoh’s mission is clear: to make every motorcyclist an owner of a helmet that combines quality, safety, and innovation that were once only available to racers.

ARAI–  Hirotake Arai founded Arai Helmets in 1937 as a hat manufacturer. To fulfil Hirotake’s own riding insurance needs, the company shifted to protective helmets in the late 1940s, introducing motorcycle helmets in 1952. Arai was founded by Hirotake’s son Mitch in 1976 with the goal of being the #1 helmet in the world.

AGV–  Gino Amisano and his two partners founded AGV in 1946 as a manufacturer of saddle covers and light helmets. Amisano became obsessed with Vespa and Lambretta parts alone before meeting Luciana Morando, his future wife. The company was marketed with much success (and recently by Valentino Rossi) starting with their first helmet in 1947 and progressing to fibreglass in 1954. Today it is owned by Lino Dainese, President of Dainese S.P.A. who bought AGV on July 30th of 2007.

BELL–  Bell Helmets began in 1923 as Bell Auto Parts, named after its location in Bell, California. When he worked for the company, Richter bought the store in 1945 for $1,000 and began making helmets in 1954. At present, Bell manufactures helmets for a variety of racing sports, focusing on creating the best protection from everyday road travel to high-speed racing.

CABERG–  Founded in 1974 in Bergamo, Caschi di Bergamo (Helmets from Bergamo) is an Italian company with the acronym CABERG. As the second manufacturer of flip-open helmets in the world, Caberg was the first manufacturer in Italy to introduce flip-open helmets and has continued to lead the field of modular helmets ever since.

FOX–  Geoff Fox founded Fox Head Inc, known as Fox Racing, in 1974 to develop clothing for motocross riders. As the brand continues to grow, it is now focusing on apparel and helmets for other extreme sports as well as motocross, creating innovative, affordable safe helmets.

HEDON–  Reginald Flint and Lindsay Chong founded Hedon in 2011 with a wealth of design and helmet crafting experience. As part of their mission, they redesigned urban riders’ protective headgear to create something bold, refined, and nostalgic with comfort as the guiding principle. Rather than a manufacturer of performance helmets, Hedon specializes in luxury helmets.

HJC–  Since 1971, HJC has been producing helmets in Seoul, Korea. Founded by W.K. Hong, the company became the top helmet manufacturer in the United States in the 1990s by boosting its quality control and innovation, which focused on advanced material composition, strength, and lightweight characteristics. In today’s HJC, R&D continues to comprise about 10% of the company’s revenue, and the company is known for its quality and affordability.

LS2–  A home-based business was established by Arthur Liao in rural China in the 1990s, making helmets. By 1992, Liao had grown from one to over 100 employees and opened a new factory to meet customer demand. By 2005, the company was manufacturing 2 million helmets a year. The company entered the Australian market in 2012 and reports 30% year-on-year growth through its distributor Monza Imports.

NOLAN–  The Nolan group is an Italian helmet manufacturer founded by Lander Nocchi in 1972. They specialize in injection moulding polycarbonate shell helmets. With its fully-integrated production process, it is the largest helmet manufacturer in Europe and the only one in this sector to produce completely in Italy.

SCHUBERTH–  In 1922, SCHÜBERTH was founded in Germany, and in 1929, it started manufacturing motorcycle helmets. Currently, they offer motorcycle helmets, police helmets, fire department helmets, and Formula One helmets. The best brand in Europe has been voted by MOTORRAD, the largest motorcycle magazine in Europe, for 13 years in a row.

SHARK–  As one of the world’s safest helmet brands, Shark Helmets was founded in 1986 by former professional racers the Teston brothers in Marseille, France. A brand known for innovation; it was the first brand to industrially manufacture a helmet using carbon fibre in 1991. It remains the brothers’ ethos to reinvent the motorcycle helmet industry by pushing the technical boundaries.

SHOEI–  Like the first SHOEI helmet, which was created by company founder Eitaro Kamata in 1959, SHOEI has developed a reputation as a leading manufacturer of handmade helmets, with over 50 people involved in the manufacturing process. Shoei’s helmets combine the latest technology, advanced materials, and 60 years of helmet building experience with consumer feedback.

SUOMY–  Having been founded in 1997, the Italian company has strictly focused its activities on the racing world, where it gains valuable knowledge and information for the development of helmets.

SUOMY partnered with Ducati in 2000, one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Due to this collaboration, the most talented Ducati riders competing in the Superbike World Championships now wear #SuomyHelmets.

Suomy took the lead in the 2003 250 GP Championship with the victory of Manuel Poggiali. Suomy’s debut in the MotoGP World Championship in the 2000s was also made possible by sponsorship from two icons of the motorcycling world: Loris Capirossi and Max Biaggi.