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Legal Matters

Providing - Best Practice: Not Legal Advice

Legal Matters

Although we all understand our passion for Motorcycling, Motorsport, and all the other “Adrenaline Junkie” activities come with their inherent risks, there may come a time when you may require the advice of a legal professional.



All be it we always hope & pray it won’t happen to us, accidents can & do happen in the blink of an eye on the track, off the beaten track and even on our roads.



Although we are able to represent & assist in legal matters on the state of your helmet’s history and condition prior to your incident, we are in no way able to represent you on any matters at the time of the incident or state if the integrity of the helmet is a factor of the injured person’s condition.



As we are not trained legal professionals, we would strongly advise that you seek the very best legal advice within your own local state and federal government laws you are comfortably able to afford.