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The Customer Journey

To accommodate the various servicing needs of the Motorcycling & Motorsport Community, The Helmet Doctors (THD) have established 2 primary ways of providing our Laser Scanning Service.

This is best illustrated in the following diagrams, titled Customer Journey – B2B or B2C Models.

The B2B option simply highlights the process when a customer may wish to use their local motorcycle store when dropping off their helmet, ready for delivery/collection to THD by the local store.

Your safety and the integrity of your helmet is of the utmost importance to the stores, so they are pleased to assist you in the process. If your helmet were to be established as damaged, then you would be well-positioned to speak with a local store about the latest advancements, comfort and fitting of a brand-new helmet.

If the helmet is determined to be defect-free and suitable for continued use, then the store is also willing to assist you, since there might be other safety equipment offerings in the store you may wish to consider due to the avoidance of buying a brand-new helmet.

As a drop-off and pickup point, the Service Store is considered to be the cheapest way to have your helmet laser scanned. It’s the Stores that will be collecting/picking up other helmets like yours to be laser scanned, and they’ll then send them all into The Helmet Doctors as a bulk delivery package, or they may even deliver them directly to us.

Contact the store of your choice to find out if there are any postal and handling fees. 

B2B Model

The B2C option simply illustrates how a customer may wish to use their preferred courier services directly from their pickup location at home, to our head office, or to our central scanning facility. Using a direct service, the customer will need to package up, safely secure the helmet for shipping, and address the package requirements like any normal parcel delivery.

Some customers may prefer this option as they may not be able to get to their local store due to work commitments, they may prefer to deal with The Helmet Doctors directly, or they may live in an area where a parcel delivery may be more cost-effective.

Before shipment and placement of any parcel order/delivery, we can assist by providing a list of our parcel post providers who have delivered to us previously.

By using any Parcel Post Services at your pick-up and drop-off points, it is considered will be a little more expensive than using your local store, but it will be more secure because the helmet will be automatically insured upon pickup by our nominated courier service.

B2C Model

THD Service - Behind the Scenes

Our priority is to ensure The Helmet Doctors – Laser Scanning Service functions with a seamless and safe process for your helmet. Our commitment is to collect, track, monitor and provide back your helmet the same way you provided it. 

As you have seen above, we have illustrated how you, the customer will experience our service when having your helmet laser scanned with The Helmet Doctors.

Here is a glimpse of how we will offer this service with a “Behind the Scenes” look at how we will track and monitor your helmet during this process.


The above service options have been simplified to demonstrate how our customers can be assured that their helmets will remain safe during the laser scanning process

It was also explained how our behind-the-scenes look would make sure your results were tracked and monitored according to our standards. Ensuring your results & helmet are well documented and kept on file under your personal account with The Helmet Doctors.