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What Materials Are Your Helmet Made Of? Understanding Helmet Composition

Jul 10, 2024

The different materials used in helmets and how they affect safety and performance.

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Ever wondered what materials your helmet is made from? It’s important to know! While not all helmets are made from composite materials, many use Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon fiber, or a combination of these for their excellent strength-to-weight ratio. These materials are designed to absorb and distribute impact energy across the helmet’s outer shell, enhancing safety.


On the other hand, budget-friendly helmets often feature thermoplastics, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Polycarbonates, or a blend of these materials. They may not offer the same level of impact dispersion as composites but still meet safety standards.


To find out what your helmet is made of, check the manufacturer’s guide that came with your helmet or look inside near the comfort padding for details. If those details have worn away from use and washing, a quick Google search using your helmet’s make and model will provide more information.


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