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Can Inspection Services Impact Your Helmet Insurance Premiums?

Jul 10, 2024

Helmet scanning could influence your insurance premiums and promote safety in the Motorcycling & Motorsport Industry.

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Can Inspection Services Impact Your Helmet Insurance Premiums?


Well, not exactly…but here’s the scoop. At The Helmet Doctors, we’re all about keeping you safe. That’s why we’ve taken some big steps to get the Motorcycling & Motorsport Industry to recognize how important it is to have your helmet scanned. We’re pushing for industry leaders to come together and convince insurance companies to give you some perks for making safety a priority.


Our dream? Seeing you get rewarded with lower premiums or even discounted helmet scans just for being awesome and caring about safety. So, hop on board with us, support our services, and keep yourself protected.


And hey, if you have a couple of minutes, filling out our quick multiple-choice Feedback form would be a huge help. It would show the regulators, the Motorcycling and Motorsport industry, clubs, and communities that these new safety measures deserve support and should lead to lower insurance premiums. After all, keeping people out of hospitals with TBIs is a big win for everyone. The cost of medical care, lost wages, rehab, and long-term mental health issues from accidents is way higher than what it takes to reduce premiums as an incentive.


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