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Helmet Safety Through Precision: The Helmet Doctors’ Laser Testing Explained

Jul 11, 2024

How Advanced Laser Scanning Detects Defects to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Today, we’re going to break down how The Helmet Doctors laser test your helmet to ensure its safety. For all the details, don’t forget to visit our website!


So, how does our laser testing work? Here’s a simplified version of our process:


First up, we use our Laser Scanning Technique. We inspect nine different points on your helmet, capturing multiple visual angles to make sure nothing is missed.


Next, we create a Baseline Image. By meticulously scanning each inspection point, we generate a holographic baseline image of your helmet.


Then, we apply a bit of Heat. This heat is non-destructive and just enough to make the helmet expand and contract slightly.


Here’s where the magic happens: Defect Detection. If there’s any structural defect or damage, the affected area will react differently during this expansion and contraction.


Our Patented Instrument then kicks in. It detects and records even the smallest changes in the shell’s behavior.


Finally, we have our Algorithm Flagging. Any detected changes are flagged by our algorithm and then verified by our expert technicians.


This rigorous process uses decades of peer-reviewed research and testing, all aimed at preventing traumatic brain injuries and saving lives.


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