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What to Check for When Fitting a Helmet

Jul 09, 2024

Essential Helmet Fitting Tips and Our Advanced Scanning Tech

Wondering what to check for when fitting a helmet?


Get the best tips and tech at The Helmet Doctors on!


When it comes to your safety, fitting your helmet properly is super important. Here’s what to look for: make sure the helmet sits level on your head, with the front edge just above your eyebrows. It should feel snug but not too tight. Also, the chin strap should be fastened securely, allowing for minimal movement of the helmet.


By focusing on safety and taking the time to fit your helmet properly at your local motorcycle store, you’re making sure it can protect you from potential head injuries.


At The Helmet Doctors, we use laser scanning technology to spot helmet defects 100,000 times better than the naked eye. This means we’re at the cutting edge of laser tech designed specifically for motorcycle helmets. Our advanced laser scanning tech can find defects with precision up to 100,000 times better than what you can see (that’s 10x better than our competitors!). This lets us see invisible defects that could compromise your helmet’s ability to protect you.


Getting your helmet laser scanned at The Helmet Doctors ensures it not only fits right but also meets the highest safety standards. For us, it’s a no-brainer to prioritize your safety. Have your helmet laser scanned at The Helmet Doctors for the best protection.


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