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What Happens Inside Your Helmet During Impact?

Jul 09, 2024

Exploring Internal Damage with Advanced Laser Scanning

Curious about what happens inside your helmet during impact?


Discover the technology behind helmet safety at The Helmet Doctors on!


Unveiling Internal Damage: At The Helmet Doctors, we use cutting-edge Laser Scanning Cameras to reveal the hidden effects of impacts on composite materials. Contrary to popular belief, most damage occurs not at the point of impact but at the opposite side of the material.


Insights from Drop Testing: During rigorous testing at Crashlab, we conducted extensive drop tests using various heights and energies. Our goal was to validate the effectiveness of our laser scanning technology in detecting structural defects that compromise helmet safety.


Understanding Impact Dynamics: According to research like the Hurt Report, impacts from heights ranging from 2 meters to 3 meters represent significant crash scenarios. Our tests simulated these conditions to assess how different helmets withstand impacts based on global safety standards.


Advanced Technology: Our laser scanning cameras can detect defects as small as 10 nanometers, offering unparalleled clarity and resolution. This allows us to identify potential issues within helmets even after low-energy impacts, ensuring your safety remains uncompromised.


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