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How Helmets Are Tested for Safety

Jul 09, 2024

Ensuring Helmet Integrity with Advanced Testing Techniques

Ever wondered how helmets are tested to ensure safety?


Dive into the science at The Helmet Doctors on!


At The Helmet Doctors, we’re committed to rigorous testing according to Australian and international standards. We teamed up with The University of Queensland and Crashlab, known for their world-class facilities accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities.


Drop Testing Insights: We meticulously test helmets using advanced techniques like Non-Destructive Laser Holographic Interferometry. This allows us to inspect both the exterior shell and internal EPS foam for any hidden damage post-impact.


Understanding Helmet Performance: During a drop test, a helmet’s outer shell is designed to flex and absorb up to 34% of impact energy. The remaining force is absorbed by the EPS foam inside. Even if the shell appears undamaged, internal EPS foam may still have absorbed significant impact energy.


Identifying Internal Damage: EPS foam can degrade or show signs of damage, such as cracking or splitting, which isn’t always visible from the outside. This internal damage compromises the helmet’s effectiveness, making it unsafe for further use.


Watch the Video: Check out our video showcasing “An Inside Look” at damaged EPS foam to understand how impacts affect helmet safety.


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