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The Importance of Helmet Integrity

Jul 09, 2024

How The Helmet Doctors use advanced laser scanning to ensure maximum helmet protection

Hey everyone, ever wondered why helmet integrity is so important? Check out this story at!

So, here’s the scoop: The Helmet Doctors started as a family venture on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, founded by Brayden Robinson and his dad, Scott. They’re all about motorcycling and motocross, but they noticed something troubling – kids crashing and still using seemingly fine helmets.

When Brayden ended up in the hospital with a fractured skull, they knew something had to change. That’s when they teamed up with a Belgian lab specializing in aerospace technology. Together, they developed a revolutionary helmet laser-scanning technique.

This technique, backed by extensive research with experts from The University of Queensland, uses lasers to pinpoint even the tiniest cracks or damage in a helmet’s shell. It’s not just groundbreaking; it’s proven science that ensures your helmet stays in top-notch shape.

The Helmet Doctors even have patents on their innovation, protecting their mobile scanning services for the motorcycling and motorsport community. This means they can bring their cutting-edge tech right to you, ensuring your helmet is always ready to keep you safe.


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