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What to Do If Your Helmet Is Cracked or Damaged

Jul 09, 2024

Why you should replace a damaged helmet, how surface issues are different from structural damage

Hey everyone, got a cracked or damaged helmet?

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So, imagine you’re checking out your helmet and notice a crack. Uh-oh! It’s crucial not to ignore it. Safety always comes first! At The Helmet Doctors, we’ve got this super cool laser scanning tech that checks your helmet 100,000 times better than just using your eyes.

Now, here’s the deal: if you spot a visible crack or damage, it’s time to replace your helmet pronto. These things can seriously affect how well your helmet protects you. But hey, if it’s just some surface scratches or chips from regular wear and tear, it might not be a big deal. Our laser scanning can tell the difference.

Our high-tech scanning doesn’t miss a thing. It spots those hidden defects that could weaken your helmet’s protection. So, swing by and get your helmet scanned. It’s the smart way to be sure your helmet is in top shape!


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