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Comprehensive Helmet Safety: The Helmet Doctors’ Inspection Process

Jul 11, 2024

Ensuring Your Helmet's Integrity Through Advanced Laser Scanning and Detailed Reporting

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Let’s talk about our Motorcycle Helmet Safety Inspection service. For more details, check out our website!


When you place an order for our inspection, we aim to make the process smooth and transparent. Whether you use your own courier, our recommended one, or drop off your helmet at a designated store, we prioritize your convenience.


Here’s what to expect:


Confirm Receipt & Payment: We confirm receipt of your helmet and verify payment details.


Transit to Store or Facility: Your helmet is tracked during transport to the designated store or our facility.


Collection & Tagging: Our team collects your helmet and tags it for accurate identification.


Laser Scanning Process: Your helmet undergoes advanced laser scanning to check its structural integrity and spot potential safety issues.


Return Transit: After inspection, your helmet is carefully transported back to the store or your address. You’ll receive a confirmation once it’s ready for pickup or delivery.

Integrity Report: We provide a detailed Helmet Integrity Report with the inspection results.


*Note: For security and efficiency, present your helmet cleaned with all padding, visors, and attachments removed. Keep these items in your possession as we cannot secure them during the scanning process.


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