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Why The Helmet Doctors’ Laser Scanning Service is Essential for Helmet Safety

Jul 10, 2024

Advanced scanning technology detects invisible damage, ensuring your helmet meets global safety standards.

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We’re dedicated to enhancing helmet safety standards for all motorcyclists and motorsport enthusiasts. Here’s why our helmet laser scanning service is crucial:


After any accident or mishandling, such as drops or exposure to chemicals like petrol, manufacturers and authorities recommend replacing motorcycle helmets. Often, damage can be invisible to the naked eye, leading many to continue using compromised helmets unknowingly.


Our advanced helmet laser scanning technology offers a non-destructive testing method to detect even the slightest structural damage. This ensures your helmet meets the stringent safety standards required by various global authorities, including AS/NZS 1698, DOT FMVSS, SNELL M2020, and others.


By opting for our service, you not only safeguard your own safety but also contribute to reducing risks for insurance companies and lowering head trauma rehabilitation costs for governments. Motorcycle helmet manufacturers benefit too, with increased customer awareness for quality products.


Ensure your helmet’s integrity with our laser scanning service for just $48 AUD.


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