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A Journey Through the History of Motorcycle Helmets

Jul 10, 2024

The origins of motorcycle helmet safety, from early designs to pivotal moments that shaped helmet regulations and saved lives.

Did you know the fascinating history behind motorcycle helmets?


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Let’s start with Dr. Eric Gardner, way back in early 1914. He noticed something alarming at Brookland’s race track—motorcyclists were getting head injuries every two weeks. Concerned, he commissioned Mr. Moss of Bethnal Green to create sturdy yet smooth helmets using canvas and shellac. These helmets were designed to withstand heavy blows and deflect any debris on the road.


Initially met with skepticism, Gardner’s helmets were later embraced by the Auto-Cycle Union and made mandatory for the 1914 Isle of Man TT races. Their effectiveness was proven when one helmet saved a rider’s life during a collision with a gate on the Isle of Man.


Jumping ahead to May 1935, T.E. Lawrence (known as Lawrence of Arabia) played a pivotal role in helmet history. After a tragic motorcycle accident left him in a coma for six days, neurosurgeon Hugh Cairns studied motorcycle dispatch riders and found head injuries were a leading cause of death. This research led to the adoption of crash helmets for both military and civilian riders.


Lawrence’s accident brought crucial attention to the importance of helmets in preventing traumatic brain injuries and saving lives.


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