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Advancing Helmet Safety with Cutting-Edge Technology

Jul 10, 2024

How our collaborations and Holographic Interferometry technology are revolutionizing helmet safety

Hey, have you heard about our groundbreaking work at


We’re dedicated to elevating helmet safety to protect lives everywhere.


Join us on our journey through helmet safety, from extensive research and development to implementing cutting-edge technology that safeguards riders like never before.


For years, we’ve collaborated with top Non-Destructive Testing facilities in the Aeronautical & Spatial Industry, alongside major universities globally. This partnership has equipped us with firsthand knowledge and experience in Holographic Interferometry—a scientifically proven laser scanning technology tailored for detecting structural defects in motorcycle and motorsport helmets post-impact.


Our helmet laser scanning cameras and components are endorsed by:


University of Liege





Supported by:


University of Queensland

UQ Composite Group


Motorcycling Australia


Here’s how it works: Each helmet undergoes a meticulous laser scan at 9 different surface points, ensuring thorough inspection from multiple angles. This not only detects invisible defects in the outer shell but also assesses impact damage to the EPS foam.


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“Our motorcycle safety course in helmet protection”



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