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Understanding the Costs of Our Helmet Laser Scanning Service

Jul 10, 2024

Get details on our $48 AUD scanning service and what additional costs may apply for a complete safety check.

Hey there! Have you heard about our helmet laser scanning service at


We’re here to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to helmet safety.


Curious about the cost of our patented laser scanning service? It’s just $48 AUD* per helmet scanned. This price excludes any applicable federal, state, or local government taxes in your area.


Here’s the deal: The $48 AUD* covers everything except:


Courier services, if needed


Additional costs like in-house discounts, eGift vouchers, or gift certificates that may apply


Some local motorcycle stores may add a courier fee for remote or extra travel distances


Please note, all costs are subject to potential changes in AUD rates, inflation, and increased Cost of Goods Sold. For clarity, our administration team at The Helmet Doctors will confirm whether courier services are necessary before booking. You’ll always get a transparent cost breakdown during checkout when scheduling your helmet scan.


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“Our motorcycle safety course in helmet protection”



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