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Exploring the Broad Scope of Helmet Scanning Services

Jul 10, 2024

How our advanced technology supports helmet safety across multiple industries beyond just motorcycling.

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We’re here to talk about helmet safety across various industries to keep everyone protected.


Wondering if we only scan motorcycle helmets? Well, primarily yes, our focus at The Helmet Doctors is on ensuring the safety of riders and drivers in the Motorcycle & Motorsport Industries, Clubs, and Communities.


But here’s the scoop: Many other industries also use motorcycle helmets as part of their safety protocols. Think Downhill Mountain Biking, Freestyle and BMX racing, Downhill skateboarding, Equestrian sports, Horse Racing, Snow Sports, and various Water Sports, among others.


In fact, wherever motorcycle helmets are used for safety, we can step in to enhance their safety standards immediately. Our advanced technology and scanning technique assess the helmet material with ten times the accuracy of other laser scanning services. This makes us the preferred choice for helmet safety not only in sports but also in critical sectors like Fire & Rescue Services, Police Services, and Military Services for all Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) requirements.


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“Our motorcycle safety course in helmet protection”



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