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Helmet Safety in No Time: Speedy Scanning Services by The Helmet Doctors

Jul 11, 2024

Quick and Convenient Helmet Scanning Options for Every Rider's Schedule

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Let’s chat about how fast you can get your helmet scanned with us. If you want the full scoop, be sure to check out our website!


So, how long will it take to get your helmet scanned? Well, it depends on how you decide to place your order and deliver your helmet. Here’s the breakdown:


First, let’s talk about the fastest and safest way, especially if you can’t be without your helmet for long. Book and register your helmet online with The Helmet Doctors. Once you’ve done that, we’ll identify the nearest centralized regional scanning station for you. You should plan to drop off your helmet the day before we arrive for scanning, by 3 pm. This gives us enough time to tag and prep your helmet for scanning. After scanning the next day, you’ll have your helmet back within 24 hours, by 3 pm.


If you prefer using courier services or dropping your helmet off at your local motorcycle store, the process might take a bit longer. With courier pickup and drop-off, or if your local store handles the delivery, it can extend to a 2-3 day period. Sometimes, your local store might need an extra day or two to get your helmet to us using our group courier service. In the worst-case scenario, you’re looking at a 3-4 business day turnaround, as long as pick-up and delivery deadlines are met.


For those who don’t need their helmet every single day, or if you have a spare helmet, you can choose whatever method fits your budget and comfort level best. Whether you need your helmet back quickly or can wait a bit longer, we’ve got options to suit your needs.


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