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When to Inspect Thermoplastic Helmets: What You Need to Know

Jul 10, 2024

Why some thermoplastic helmets may not be worth scanning.

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We’re diving into crucial topics like helmet inspection and safety.


Helmet Inspection: Protect Your Life


Do you inspect thermoplastic helmets? Generally speaking, no. Why? Well, thermoplastic helmets are often cheaper to manufacture compared to composite materials like fiberglass. While they meet the same safety standards required by government and industry regulations, think about it—why pay $48 AUD for a scan when these helmets can cost as little as $100 AUD to replace?


Now, if we’re talking about the pricier thermoplastic helmets made from Polycarbonate or Blended Polycarbonate with other materials, that’s a different story. These helmets, typically costing over $200, make economic sense to inspect and ensure they’re in top condition.


At The Helmet Doctors, we’re all about making informed choices when it comes to your safety gear.


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