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Can Helmet Scanning Detect Defects in EPS Layers?

Jul 10, 2024

Advanced laser technology at The Helmet Doctors ensures safety by detecting the tiniest defects.


Inspecting EPS Layers: Can Your Helmet Scanning Equipment Detect Defects, Deformations, or Debonding for Safety Assurance?


In short, … Yes!


How do we do it?


Well, that’s a closely guarded trade secret, but here’s what you need to know: at The Helmet Doctors, we utilize the most advanced laser scanning technology and technique in the industry. We hold industry-recognized credentials in aeronautical and spatial standards, and our equipment is patented specifically for Motorcycle and Motorsport helmets.


What sets us apart? We can detect defects, deformations, and debonding with unprecedented precision. Our technology allows us to see down to as low as 10nm (nanometers) – that’s as small as a virus. In comparison, others in the industry can only see down to 100nm, which mathematically makes them 10 times less capable than our cutting-edge, patented laser scanning capabilities.


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“Our motorcycle safety course in helmet protection”



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