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Cutting-Edge Helmet Safety Standards

Jul 10, 2024

Explore how The Helmet Doctors maintain the highest standards in helmet inspections through rigorous procedures and industry certifications.

Explore cutting-edge helmet safety standards at!


Cutting-Edge Helmet Safety Standards. Ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality is our priority at The Helmet Doctors. Here’s how we guarantee the integrity of our helmet inspections:


To maintain the accuracy of our helmet integrity reports and the reliability of our laser scanning equipment, we adhere strictly to industry standards set by the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Industry, particularly those established by the Aeronautical and Spatial sectors.


Our procedures include:

Preparation of the environment and setup of helmets

Selection and preparation of stimulation

Setup of cameras and precise adjustment of sensitive lasers

Calibration and focus adjustment for accurate shearography

Quality checks using interferometric methods

Post-treatment options and data recording

All our field-based technicians undergo rigorous training and accreditation in these procedures. They operate under:

Daily configuration checks

Weekly alignment processes with micrometric finger tests

Monthly calibration and measurement audits

Quarterly system checks and annual servicing and upgrades


These standards, mandated by equipment manufacturers, ensure that our customers receive the highest-quality reports on their helmet’s structural integrity. Our adherence to ISO 9001-certified practices and standards like ISO 9712-2012 for NDT personnel certification further underscores our commitment to excellence.


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