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The Precision of Heat Application During Helmet Inspections

Jul 10, 2024

How Minimal Heat and Advanced Technology Ensure Your Helmet's Integrity

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Ever wondered about the heat applied to your helmet during inspection? Here’s the scoop:


When we inspect your helmet, we apply no more than 2-3 degrees Celsius of heat for 5-10 seconds. This minimal heat exposure is crucial because even resting your helmet on your bike in direct sunlight can subject it to higher temperatures for longer periods.


This demonstrates how sensitive our laser instruments are when detecting anomalies in your helmet’s structural integrity. Our patented laser technology can identify, read, record, and measure with incredible precision—100,000 times better than the human eye and as small as 10 nanometers, which is comparable to measuring viruses.


At The Helmet Doctors, our advanced laser scanning technology sets us apart. We can detect invisible defects that compromise your helmet’s ability to protect you effectively, ensuring the highest level of safety for riders in the Motorcycling and Motorsport industries.


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