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How Our Helmet Scanning Technology Saves Lives

Jul 11, 2024

Learn how advanced scanning technology can detect hidden defects and improve helmet safety

Discover the helmet safety revolution at!

Ever wondered what The Helmet Doctors are all about? Here’s the scoop in one sentence:

“The Helmet Doctors use patented approved Helmet Scanning Technology with laser advancements to detect invisible structural defects up to 100,000 times better than the naked eye, aiming to save lives by preventing TBIs and enhancing helmet safety standards.”

This technology was created to ensure riders can easily spot any hidden defects from previous impacts, enhancing safety and potentially saving lives in future accidents. It’s all about complementing current safety standards and advancing protocols in the Motorcycling and Motorsport communities, making riding safer and more enjoyable for everyone.


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“Our motorcycle safety course in helmet protection”



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