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Helmet Safety First: The Risks of Painting and Decorating

Jul 11, 2024

Why Preserving Your Helmet's Original Design and Regular Laser Scanning are Crucial for Protection

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Let’s talk about helmet safety and the risks of painting or decorating your helmet. Remember, safety first, and always check out our website for more info!


So, can you wear a painted or decorated helmet? While making your helmet look cool might sound like a great idea, safety should always come first. Changing the original design can mess with the helmet’s structure and protection because of potential chemical reactions with the materials. At The Helmet Doctors, we recommend against wearing painted helmets for safety reasons.


We get how important it is to keep your helmet in top shape. That’s why our laser scanning technology can check for any changes in your helmet’s structure caused by impacts. Painting or decorating your helmet can weaken or mess up its outer shell. To stay safe, The Helmet Doctors use advanced laser tech to scan your helmet.


Our super-advanced laser scanning can find defects with precision 100,000 times better than what you can see with the naked eye. It’s 10 times more effective than what our competitors offer, helping us spot invisible defects that could affect your helmet’s safety. So, it’s really important not to alter your helmet’s design and to get it laser scanned at The Helmet Doctors.


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