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Revolutionizing Helmet Safety: Holographic Camera Technology

Jul 11, 2024

How Cutting-Edge Laser Scanning Detects Imperfections for Maximum Protection

Hey folks, have you heard about the latest in helmet safety tech?


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Imagine a portable holographic camera that can detect imperfections in helmets with incredible precision. This high-tech device, based on a photorefractive crystal, records true holograms at a resolution that’s as sharp as it gets. It’s user-friendly too, developing its images on its own and ready to reuse whenever you need it.


At The Helmet Doctors, we’ve been deep into research, perfecting non-destructive testing techniques to ensure helmets are top-notch. Thanks to collaborations with leaders in aeronautics and spatial industries, we’ve adapted cutting-edge laser scanning technology to create a solution specifically for motorcycle and motorsport helmets.


Our partnership with Optrion SA has been crucial. Their expertise ensures our laser scanning delivers the highest quality results, assessing helmets without any physical contact and meeting strict industry standards. This means we can offer you top-notch service right in your local area, using a compact, easy-to-use system.


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